let’s pretend i have a green thumb

Sometimes I like to pretend I have a green thumb and know what I am doing when it comes to plants. Usually I have no idea. I call my mother in law and ask her what I should do since she is very good at keeping her plants alive and well. I try to read the labels and adhere to the full sun vs. shade requirements, add a little water and hope for the best. Usually my best ends up being some green and flowers with a little dead mixed in. So, I need for my plants to not only withstand the crazy Oklahoma weather, I need them to withstand having me as their caregiver.

The weather has been abnormally cool for an Oklahoma August. It truly is bizarre, 75 degrees bizarre. If you’ve spent any amount of time in an Oklahoma Summer, you know what I mean. But with it beginning to feel a bit like Fall, I have started thinking about what to plant for next year. We’ve been working on getting our yard to a point where we can plant some shrubs and flowers. Taking on two acres was a lot for these two newbies.

In my quest to have a decent looking yard, I’ve been researching plants, zones, full sun, partial sun, shade, ground cover, (I could go on but I won’t) for about a month and never could find a website that would take the decision-making out of my hands and just tell me what to plant and where to plant it in my yard. Is that too much to ask for?

Brent came up with the brilliant idea to go to Myriad Gardens and see what they have planted. Brilliant! Who would know better about what to plant in Oklahoma than people who actually plant and care for plants in Oklahoma?

So Saturday, Brent and I took a stroll through the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City to get some ideas on what to plant in our yard. He also came up with another great idea to take pictures of the plants as we were walking through since most of the plants have signs with their names posted right smack in the middle of the plant. This was much easier than trying to type out the names like I was trying to do in my note section of my phone. Those cameras on smart phones are so handy.

Here are some of my favorites. Now I have to figure out where to purchase these and hopefully figure out how to keep them alive.

Lily Turf
Japanese Rose


Cardinal Flower


Glossy Abelia


Autumn Sage






Mexican Feather Grass


Lamb’s Ear


Giant Hyssop



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