the powder room (before)

The powder room before

Next up on our Project Snowball is the powder room. This room is very small so I can make a lot of change for a little money. I won’t be changing out flooring or the vanity or getting too crazy in here. I want it to feel done, but I want to accomplish this with as little time and money as possible. So, basically this will be a “quick fix”, not a total renovation.

Before: The fixtures are original 1994 masterpieces, along with the faux marble vanity top.IMG_0260

My plan is to keep the vanity, try a concrete overlay to hide the faux marble counter, replace the faucet.


Maybe I’ll even splurge and get an outlet cover. Ha! Two and a half years and still no outlet cover. Please tell me that it isn’t just me that has random small things that aren’t done. How hard is it to buy and place an outlet cover? Come on, Johnson! Get it together.

Moving on.

There are no windows in this room, so there will never be pretty daylight to help out the blah-ness of this room. (We’re going to pretend that blah-ness is a word.) But since it is a small powder room, it will be okay. It will just be a little darker in there. We’ll bring in a little color and contrast to help it out.

Here is the checklist for what I would like to accomplish in this quick fix:

  1. Paint the walls to get rid of the tan on tan on tan look.
  2. Attempt a concrete overlay on the faux marble counter top.
  3. Make some sort of shelving for over the toilet to add some storage.
  4. Replace the faucet fixture.
  5. Bring in some color.


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