powder room: inspiration & mood board

What would it be like to live in a world of white houses where nothing gets dirty and everything stays pristine? Yeah, I wouldn’t know. At my house we have to sweep the floor constantly to stay on top of the dirt that the dogs track in. This doesn’t mean that we do sweep the floor constantly, once we can’t stand the feel of dirt on our feet anymore we’ll sweep. Don’t go on thinking that we never clean the house, we usually reach our wits end every two to three days or so. You try having four inside dogs in the country. It’s hard to keep up.

Here are a few beautiful bathrooms. You can check out more bathroom inspiration on my Pinterest board here. (Notice they all have wonderful daylight coming into their spaces.)

image from www.lovelylife.se
image from www.lovelylife.se


photo by: http://www.stephanibuchmanphotography.com/Portfolio/Interiors-%7B-Residential-%7D/12/caption/
photo by: Stephani Buchman


photo by: http://amberinteriordesign.com/before-and-after-office-bathroom/
photo by: Amber Interiors

Turns out, I really like white. But as it happens, I live in Oklahoma. Oklahoma = red dirt. Red dirt does not go well with all white everything. Plus, I have dogs that love to roll around in the red dirt and bring it in my house. So, I will have to adjust the design to fit my surroundings. But, if I lived at the beach, it would be a whole different story.

Mood board:

Sources: Countertop DIY from Designer Trapped, faucet from Home Depot here, DIY shelving from 7th House on the Left and paint colors from Sherwin Williams.

After those pictures of beautiful white bathrooms, my mood board feels a little sad and dark. Except for that faucet. She is bright and cheerful and wonderful. She is also $573.00 so she will probably remain right where she is on the Home Depot shelf.

Oh well, let’s hope for the best!

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