seek the source of peace

I have never observed Lent until this year, 2015. A lot of people give up something like fast food, soda, or something similar for Lent. I read up on Lent to learn more about it. Essentially, what I came up with in my little research, was that Lent is a time of putting God first and yourself second for 40 days. It’s a time to prioritize who is in charge by putting our life back in order.

Brent knew that I had been researching Lent and told me about Carl Lentz’s idea of giving the first fifteen minutes of your day to God. Perfect! That is what I would do. So, for forty days I tried it. It was the best thing that I could have done. During that season of my life, we were fostering and dealing with the knowledge that our little guy would be going back home soon. It seems a simple sacrifice of time. But time is precious, especially morning time. I am not what anyone would call a morning person. But once I started, I would look forward to my fifteen minutes with God every morning. I would spend that time reading a chapter or so in the Bible and pray.

Why the first fifteen minutes? I found that starting my day of with Jesus was not only a good way to stay consistent, but I was better for it. I had peace in the unknown that was coming. I was more productive in my work. I had more patience with others. I had a fresh perspective and a God-centered day. I had peace in the midst of the craziness. It seemed we had something going all the time, but looking back at that time all I can remember is how close I grew to God in that forty days.

Try it. I dare you. Give Him the first 15 minutes of your day. You’ll be surprised at how it will change you and your perspective.

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