slow down

Hello pot, I’m kettle. How in the world can I be telling anyone else to slow down? When I start getting anxious, I tend to add things to my schedule rather than step back and take a breather.

Slowing down is a lot easier said than done. My dad’s favorite saying is, “never a dull moment”. So, when I call to chat and unload all of my junk, he will say “never a dull moment”. And then we move on.

I’ve been mentally trying to slow down and so far I haven’t mastered it yet. But here’s how I am going to try to slow down:

Taking time to sit and meditate.

I’ve tried the Headspace app a few times. I am not very good at emptying my mind. Like I’ve said before, I have a lot of tabs open in my mind. The few times that I have used Headspace I did feel very relaxed after the 10 minute session. The last time I tried it I fell asleep. What’s more relaxing than sleep? Granted it was night-time when I was trying to meditate. But what I have found to help me meditate (successfully without falling asleep) is to focus on God. Empty your mind of everything else, but its okay if He stays in there. That tab is allowed to stay open. Ask Him to help you feel more peace in your life.

Even when your days are full of things to do and obligations to meet, take out some time to just be. Whether it is 5 minutes or an hour.


I hate to exercise but I love taking walks with Brent and the pups. When we walk, I leave my phone at home and we walk for about 30 minutes. Taking a walk doesn’t feel like exercise. It feels more like quiet time. We used to do this all the time and I want to get back to that. Especially now that Fall is here and the weather is so beautiful.

Spend a little time with your friend.

You know the friend. The one who fills you up and inspires you. This is not the time to call an energy sucker friend. Ha! Meet up for coffee or meet at one of your homes and spend a little time to catch up. This may seem like another “to-do” item for your list, but this one is good for your soul. I love spending time catching up with my friend, I always feel so much better and more inspired after our time together.


I’ll discuss a few other ways to slow down over the next couple of days but in the mean time, start by preparing your mind. The work will be there, the kids will be okay, the house will not implode if you don’t do everything right now.

Give yourself a break and slow down.

Before you go, what are some techniques that you use to slow down? I am always taking suggestions.

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