take a day off from “to-do” lists

While making your weekend plans, schedule yourself a day off this weekend. A day off from to-do lists and obligations. Instead, take a rest day. We were designed to need a day of rest, yet weekends tend to be catch up time for chores that are essentially neglected during the week due to our jobs and other obligations. I know that is the case at our house.

It is hard to stay caught up. I’m not sure if we’re ever really caught up at the house. I am super blessed to have a husband that not only helps out with the housework, but he does a good majority of it. He enjoys cooking as well. He’s sort of the best. If the house is sort of clean and the laundry is sort of done, and the dogs are not that smelly, we consider that a win.

A very wise man (Pastor Dustin, aka PDK) used an analogy at our youth leaders’ retreat that I think applies here. If your gas tank is on empty, how are you supposed to be able to fill another’s gas tank? This applies to your spiritual life (spending the first 15 minutes of your day with God), but it can also apply in this case. How are you going to help others or even get through another week of commitments if you don’t have any gas in the tank. If your car doesn’t have gas in the tank, it shuts down. It doesn’t wait until all your errands are finished or all of your obligations have been met, it shuts down right where it was when it ran out of gas.

We tend to push ourselves too hard for too long and then we end up shutting down. How we shut down differs from person to person. Some people go from being involved in everything to being resentful and involved in nothing because they’ve burned out. Some people lash out in anger because they need a rest and they are angry that they don’t take one.

Think about it and try planning out the next few weeks to include a day of rest. That means ZERO commitments for 24 hours. No kids little league games, no extra projects, just you and your family taking a day of rest together. You may find that this is just what you’ve been needing to find some peace in your life. You may not even have to spend $5000 on a beach vacation. You’re welcome! I just saved you $5000. Now, go tell all your friends!


One thought on “take a day off from “to-do” lists

  1. Great post, very thought-invoking. I often take rest days but for me are more “lazy days” where I had planned to do particular things that I put off all day and then I stress or feel guilty for not doing so, so I guess these are not proper rest days at all. Therefore, I’ve definitely taken heed of advice from this post and am going to work harder at a proper rest day and then more productive days!

    Kyah – http://www.weekendtempo.com


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