trust fall

Have you ever played the trust fall game? That’s where you fall backwards and trust that the person behind you will catch you and not allow you to hit the ground. (I personally have never participated in this game because I don’t trust that someone could catch me, so this may not have been the best analogy to use. But we’re going with it.) But once someone catches you, you tend to trust that they will catch you should you fall again.

When you need your refrigerator repaired, you call someone who has experience fixing refrigerators. When you need surgery, you call a surgeon who has performed that particular surgery multiple times. When you need life advice, you call someone who has their life together. It makes sense to trust the experts. So why is it that we think we are the experts when life gets crazy?

Trust the all-knowing expert. He knows what He is doing. There is nothing new under the sun. God knows even the most minute, intricate detail of your life. God is not surprised by what is hurting you. He knows how to handle it. Trust Him to bring you peace in all situations.


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