There are times that I look back and think, “wow, I handled that surprisingly well”. The truth is, I wasn’t handling it at all. For instance, when our foster son went back to be with his family I thought that Brent and I handled the situation pretty well. (A pat on the back for me and a pat on the back for Brent…) Looking back, I know that God was holding our hands the entire time and He still is. That was God giving us peace in those instances. He gives us peace that far surpasses even the most intelligent human’s understanding. He even gives peace to control freaks like me.

We all have so many doubts when we are called to do something. When God called us to a hard task, the task is only hard for us, it’s not hard for Him. And I don’t mean that to say that He gets the easy job of just telling us what to do. I mean that we complicate the process and over exaggerate how hard the task will be because we’re not trusting Him. Do you think that any task scares God or intimidates Him? When He calls us to something, He will see us through it. We’re on this earth for a purpose. We’re not here to go to church and feel God’s presence and then go back to a routine during the week, come back to church on Sunday and start the process over again. He didn’t call us to that. Each of us has a unique purpose to be the hands and feet of Jesus. You will influence people who no one else can.

Being aware of when God is comforting you and giving you peace in hard times is important. Like I said before, once someone catches you, you tend to trust that they can catch you should you fall again. You’ll become more aware of when He is giving you peace. When I find myself in another situation in life where I’ve lost all control, I know that He will be with me. He’s not going to give me more than I can handle. He’s going to hold my hand and carry me through.

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