Have you ever tried meditating? It is not easy! I mentioned meditation briefly in a previous post. I have tried the Headspace app several times and like it. If you’re looking for a guided meditation, you should check it out.

Little tip: Don’t lay down in bed when you’re trying to meditate. Turns out, it will put you right to sleep. But if you’re having trouble sleeping, you may try Headspace guided meditation.

When I do meditate “correctly” I find that I can’t completely empty my mind. This is how my meditation usually unfolds. “Empty your mind. Empty your mind. Hmm, I hear birds. I wonder what kind of birds those are. Stop thinking about birds and empty your mind. Look down at your feet, you’ll be less distracted that way. Man I need to repaint my toe nails. I wonder what’s underneath this deck. Stop it, empty your mind. I wonder what other people think about when they are emptying their mind.” That’s the short version.

At any given time, I will probably be thinking about at least 5 different things. When Brent and I sit down to watch a movie, he’ll look over and see me looking around the room, thinking about what I need to do next. I like to relate how my brain works to a web browser. You can have several tabs open so that you can flip back and forth and not lose your spot. So, I consider going from 5 tabs open in my mind to 1 a success.

I find if I focus on God, the other stuff fades to the background. So, if you’re like me and have trouble emptying your mind, try to focus on Jesus instead. Others may say we’re doing it wrong, but that’s okay. Taking time to focus on God can’t be wrong.

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