the ups and downs

In the journey of living a more simplified life, contentment seems to come and go. It takes a lot of effort to be at peace with what you have. There is constant marketing being thrown in our faces on the internet, TV and out in the real world. I have at least 50 emails per day telling that I need something else. There is pressure to fit in, there is pressure to be as good as or better than your neighbors. Then there’s the lie that says that once you have this certain thing, you can accomplish your goals. For example, if you have these certain running shoes, you can run a marathon. And just because you buy them, you will automatically have the energy and stamina to do so. We hype things up in our mind and then are constantly let down.

I go through ups and downs in this journey. I go through times when I feel like I am satisfied without one more thing. Then I go through spurts of the “I wants” and feel the urge to buy everything in sight, which is usually followed by guilt.

Giving yourself grace in the ups and downs is important to finding peace. I’m not perfect. You’re not perfect. At some point, maybe I will have mastered the art of contentment, but until then I’ll try my best and forgive myself when I fail.


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