stop waiting for the next big thing

If anyone is guilty of this, it is me. I catch myself preparing for the next big thing. I’m pretty sure we all do it. The next car, the next house, the next job, the next degree. Stop waiting to be ready because you’ll never be ready. That’s why it’s called “walking in faith”. If you’re walking into the same situation that you do day after day, that doesn’t exercise your faith. You already know what is going to happen. God wants you to rely on him, so He’s going to ask you to get outside of your comfort zone.

It took us 8 years to be ready to adopt a dog. So you could say that we’re a little over-cautious when it comes to change. We want to make sure, like really really sure, that we are ready to handle what is coming our way. Turns out, that life will throw so many curve balls that you’ll never see coming. That’s part of the journey.

When you’re living out the purpose that God has for you, He will give you peace that no one will understand.

So if there is something that God is asking you to do, stop putting it off. Stop waiting on the next big thing to change your life. Stop procrastinating by simply going through the motions of life to get to your next milestone. Your life is happening while you’re waiting.

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