free sticks


Dogs are this wonderful reminder of our daily blessings. We so often forget that our good health is such a gift…and that we don’t need fancy toys…the world is full of free sticks. – Theron Humphrey of This Wild Idea

Thank you, PJ (Paul) and Liz, for bringing this Instagram feed into my life!

I just put a firewood rack on our back porch for the colder weather season and stacked it with weathered logs and sticks. Every day, Brooke (my almost 4-year-old Great Pyrenees, my firstborn) grabs a stick off of the rack to chew on. She loves sticks. I usually take them away from her and put it back on the rack (don’t feel bad for her, there is an acre+ worth of back yard full of sticks for her to chew on, she just likes when they’re stacked neatly for her to choose from).

Proof that we don’t need over half the things we say we need. And also proof that dogs are the best. They’re such a good companion and comfort. My dogs truly bring me joy every day. Yes, some of those days, they bring me grief, but that is severely overshadowed by joy.



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