free sticks

View this post on Instagram Dogs are this wonderful reminder of our daily blessings. We so often forget that our good health is such a gift…and that we don't need fancy toys…the world is full of free sticks. A post shared by Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea) on Oct 19, 2015 at 9:22am PDT   Dogs are … More free sticks


Have you ever tried meditating? It is not easy! I mentioned meditation briefly in a previous post. I have tried the Headspace app several times and like it. If you’re looking for a guided meditation, you should check it out. Little tip: Don’t lay down in bed when you’re trying to meditate. Turns out, it will put … More meditation


There are times that I look back and think, “wow, I handled that surprisingly well”. The truth is, I wasn’t handling it at all. For instance, when our foster son went back to be with his family I thought that Brent and I handled the situation pretty well. (A pat on the back for me … More awareness


I am a worrier. I come by it honestly. My Dad is a worrier, my Grandma, my Great-Grandma. That’s as far back as my memory goes but I’m sure there were more before her. I guess I felt the need to carry on the family tradition. This is the bit of scripture that I go … More reassurance


Peace comes when you are grateful for what you have. I am so thankful for my home, two reliable vehicles, good jobs, and four wonderful (and sometimes infuriating) pups. But to be honest there are days when I am ungrateful because of the amount of work that goes into keeping up with everything. Why do I … More gratitude

let it go

People are going to hurt and misuse you. It’s part of life. But you can choose how that hurt affects you. Are you going to stew on it, let it poison your other relationships, or are you going to forgive and learn from it? Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to continue a cycle of … More let it go

trust fall

Have you ever played the trust fall game? That’s where you fall backwards and trust that the person behind you will catch you and not allow you to hit the ground. (I personally have never participated in this game because I don’t trust that someone could catch me, so this may not have been the … More trust fall