Peace and contentment go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. The definition of contentment is in a state of peaceful happiness. God tells us to be content. Whether we have much or little, be content. In other words, whether we have much or little, live in a state of peaceful happiness.


Have you ever tried meditating? It is not easy! I mentioned meditation briefly in a previous post. I have tried the Headspace app several times and like it. If you’re looking for a guided meditation, you should check it out. Little tip: Don’t lay down in bed when you’re trying to meditate. Turns out, it will put … More meditation


There are times that I look back and think, “wow, I handled that surprisingly well”. The truth is, I wasn’t handling it at all. For instance, when our foster son went back to be with his family I thought that Brent and I handled the situation pretty well. (A pat on the back for me … More awareness


I am a worrier. I come by it honestly. My Dad is a worrier, my Grandma, my Great-Grandma. That’s as far back as my memory goes but I’m sure there were more before her. I guess I felt the need to carry on the family tradition. This is the bit of scripture that I go … More reassurance


Peace comes when you are grateful for what you have. I am so thankful for my home, two reliable vehicles, good jobs, and four wonderful (and sometimes infuriating) pups. But to be honest there are days when I am ungrateful because of the amount of work that goes into keeping up with everything. Why do I … More gratitude